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Ganesha Chaturthi Information is the real curiosity topic for many of Ganesha's devotees. 

Ganesh Chaturthi is the real festival of Joy, Positivity and the Unity for their all devotees. 

This festival makes everyone Happy with different types. 

The Ganpati Ji always got a huge welcome on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, in their every devotee home.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

On this particular day, everybody celebrated the Ganesh’s grand festival in his own style. 

Some peoples welcome their favourite Bappa, with the Grand Miravnuk.

Like, playing loudspeakers, dancing on the street madly and throwing colours (Which called Gulal in Hindu Mythology) everywhere. 

On the other hand, some peoples welcome him in a very traditional and simple way.

Small kids called Ganesha with a very short and cute name 'Gana'. 

That shows how much kids are also Loves to his favourite Ganpati Bappa.  Basically, Ganesh Chaturthi is the 10 days mega festival of India.

In this, all the Ganesh’s devotees are celebrating the birth of the elephant-headed Lord Ganesha Ji

As per traditional Ganesha Chaturthi Information, Gajanana is also the god of prosperity and wisdom

His festival generally starts on the fourth day of the month of Bhadrapada (which includes August or September).

At the start of this festival, all devotee are placing Ganesh Murti on the raised platforms in their homes. 

The room of Lord Bappa is fully decorated with his all favourite items.

Devotees served all the sweet foods to the Bappa in the whole 10 days of Ganesh Chaturthi

All Bappa's devotees have also anointed Sri Ganesha with the help of red sandalwood paste and his favourite yellow and red flowers. 

Lord Ganesha Ji is known by the various 108 names.

What Colour You Should Wear On The Occasion Of Ganesh Chaturthi?

As per Ganesha Chaturthi Information, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, all the devotees are wake up on the very early morning, to bring the Lord Bappa home as per all the Hindus rituals

That time most of the Sri Ganesh’s devotees are always preferred to wear Red colours cloth.

According to Hindu Mythology, it is highly believed that Red colour is Ganesh’s one of the most favourite colour.

Lord Ganpati Bappa
It is also believed that, by wearing a Lord Ganesh’s symbol on Ganesh Chaturthi festival, will definitely bring good luck to your home.

According to Ganesha Chaturthi Information, in India Red colour always has its own importance in every traditional activity. 

Every Indian traditional festival is incomplete without the Red colour. This colour always indicates a sign of purity.

As per Indian mythology, Red colour is wearing in every traditional occasion like in a puja, weddings, and the religious ceremonies.

Which Ganesha Idol Is Good For Car?

According to most of the Hindu Gurus & Ganesha Chaturthi Information, it is largely said that when you are planning to bring a Lord Ganesha Idol for the car or home. 

You should always select Sitting Ganesha Idol.

This idol will definitely bring more success and more prosperity in the life of all the family members. 

Generally, Standing Ganesha Idol is always recommended for the publically Ganesh festival.

Bappa Morya

Every Ganesha Idol has its own importance and uniqueness. 

His every idol are spreading an equal amount of happiness and satisfaction in every human beings life. His every Idol always seems as Ganesha Speakes with you.

Sri Ganesha Ji is always ready to remove the obstacles of everybody’s life. 

Basically, Gods every idol teaches us a very important life lesson, just we need to recognise his message.

Which Kind Of Main Life Lessons You Have To Learn From Lord Ganesha?

1. Your Duty’s Are Always Above All Else:

According Hindu Mythology as well as Ganesha Chaturthi Information, Lord Ganesha was made from the Parvati Mata's sweat and clay.

Once in a while, when Goodness Parvati Mata goes to the bath, that time he told Ganesha to stay on the door, and stop anybody to enter inside.

After some time Lord Shiva came there, but Sri Ganesha stops them from entering as per his duty. 

Which makes Mahadeva so angry, and he cut the Ganesh Ji head.

But, after some time when Mata Parvati told Shiva Bhagwan that how Ganesha follows their duty and he is the son of Mahadeva. 

Then, Lord Mahadeva re-alive Ganpati with the help of elephants head.

This story teaches a very important lesson, that everybody is bound to complete their duties, even gods are also bounded with all his duties.

One thing you have to always keep in mind, that you always prioritised your duties. No one can in this whole world, escapes from their duties. 

Everyone has to fulfil all his duties to boost himself in various manners. Therefore, your duty is always above all else.

2. Nobody In This World Are More Important Than The Parents:

According to many Ganesha Chaturthi Information, One day, Ganpati Ji and his elder brother Kartik are fighting about who is Greatest.

That time, Lord Shiva gives one task to both of them, and according to that task, the person who finishes the, one complete round of the whole earth firstly, this person are the winner of this task and he seems to be the greatest.

Then, Kartik immediately going for the completion of the task with the help of his vahan peacock. 

On the other hand, Ganesh Ji completed one complete round around his parents, Lord Shiva and Goodness Parvati Mata.

After completion of round, Sri Ganesha told them that, you both seem to be the entire world for me. 

Ganesh’s answer makes their Parents very happy. 

After hearing God Gajanana’s answer, next moment Mahadeva Shiva declares Lord Ganpati as a winner of the entire task.

This Story teaches us Life Lesson that, you should always proud of your parents. 

Always try to make them happy, and always take care of them. 

Never ever gives a bad treatment to them, because your parents are always your first mentor.

According to every Ganesha Chaturthi Information, The mentor who, always pray for your Success and Happiness, by scarifying their all happiness. 

Therefore, your parents are always your first God.

God Of Happiness

3. Forgiveness Is The Ultimate Virtue For The All:

As per some Hindu Gurus & most of the Ganesha Chaturthi Information, One night Lord Ganpati Bappa was returning from the huge party of Kubera, by sitting on his vehicle mouse. 

He eats so much delicious food in that huge party.

After sometimes, one snake comes across in the path of mouse, then mouse very scared and tries to run faster. 

In this whole process, Ganesha Ji who’s sitting on the mouse feels unbalanced and falls down on the ground.

The Moon who is seeing this entire incident starts laughing very loudly on Lord Bappa. 

Which makes Ganesha Ji very angry and he cursed the moon on that anger. According to that cursed, Moon will lose all his brightness for his entire life.

Then Moon realised his mistake, and he apologized to the Lord Ganesha very humbly. 

Then, Ganesha forgives the Moon and also make his cursed less effective.

According to Ganesha Chaturthi Information, This story teaches us a very valuable life lesson that, Forgiveness is also the very important and effective tool. 

Forgiveness doesn’t make you small in front of others. On the other hand, it increased your standards in the society.

Therefore, Forgiveness is one of the ultimate virtue for all. Forgiveness also shows how big-hearted person you are in your daily life.

4. You Should Not Escape From Your Task Or Responsibilities:

According to Hindu Mythology, One day Lord Bramha advice Ved Vyasa to write a whole Mahabharata. 

Ved Vyasa was very well known about all the complication of this story.

That is the reason why, he requested to God Ganesha, for the help of writing a Mahabharata’s entire story. 

Ganesha accept his request and starts writing a Mahabharata which is detected by the Ved Vyasa.

But, after some time Ganesh’s pen was broken, because of his high-speed writing. 

Then, without wasting a time, at the next moment, Lord Ganpati Ji brake his own Tusk, and use it as a pen to write a whole long story of Mahabharata’s.

This story & many traditional Ganesha Chaturthi Information indirectly teaches us valuable Life Lesson, that you should be very focused about your any task. 

If you start any task, then it is very important that you have to finish it on the very good note.

Bappa Morya

One thing you always have to remind, that you never ever run back, from the task, which is taken by you. 

You should be work more dedicatedly, to complete all your tasks. It will also help you, to improve your self-confidence level.

5. Always Treat Others Person With The Humility:

According to Hindu Mythology & many traditional Ganesha Chaturthi Information, Kubera was one of the richest God, he had more ego and pride on their all wealth. 

He wanted to showcase his all wealth to the all Gods.

That is the reason why one day Kubera invites to Lord Shiva for the dinner party. 

But, Lord Shiva, who knows all the reality that, why Kubera invites him for the dinner.

Therefore, to teach a lesson to the Kubera, Mahadeva decided to send Sri Ganesha for this dinner party. 

Then, Lord Ganpati goes for Kubera's dinner party. He eats all the delicious foods in that dinner party, which is specially served by the Kubera.

But, still, Ganesha feels unsatisfied with this dinner, he required more food to fulfilled his hunger. 

Then, Kubera serves all the food to the Lord Ganesha, which is he stored in the house.

Still Ganpati Bappa is very unsatisfied and he orders more food to eat. 

That time, a single piece of food is not remaining, in Kubera's entire kitchen room. Therefore, he requests Ganesha Ji to stop.

Then Ganesha gives an ultimatum to Kubera, that if he didn't serve food to them, then he will eat them as a food. 

By hearing Ganesha's ultimatum, Kubera is very much scared and he realised his mistake.

After that, he runs towards Lord Shankar, and firstly apologises for his mistake, and then request for help. 

Then, Mahadeva forgives him and gives him a one bowl of rice for the Ganpati Bappa with love and humility.

Kubera then, gives that bowl of rice to the Ganesha ji, after eating that rice Ganesha feels very much satisfied.

That story tells us a very important life lesson that is, you should never ever do ego on your wealth. 

Because it will not remain same with you, throughout the life. You have to always treat other persons with Humility and Respect.


So, I hope all the above information will find helpful for all of you, to increase the knowledge of your favourite Lord Ganesh. 

This information will also help you all to solve all your confusion about Ganpati Bappa.

But, Still, If you have any questions regarding above article or Ganesha Chaturthi Information, please feel free to ask in the comment box section below. 

It will be an honour for us to solve our reader's query.

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