Lord Ganesha: The Pure Symbol Of Happiness & Power.

Lord Ganpati Bappa is a pure Symbol Of Happiness. He is well known as a pure Symbol Of Love

Ganesha, who also called the Ganapati Bappa, Vinayaka, God of beginning and many more. 

Some devotees are also called him a "Gana" that actually defines the popularity of Lord Ganesha Ji. 

Ganesha’s every story help us for our Spiritual Growth.

Bappa Morya

Because Gana is the only God who is much more famous in little kids also. Kids are also treated as a very dear friend. 

That's why he is known as a Symbol Of Love.

Some kids are always loving his company, kids shares all his daily secrete to his favourite lord Gana.

Some kids also trust in Ganesha Ji more than their parents. The Elephant headed Hindu god is a traditionally worshipped before any major task. 

Ganesha always seems to be holding with some Indian sweets in his hands, especially a Modakas.

That indicates how much he loves the Modakas. He always loves to eat Sweet and Delicious food. 

Ganpati Ji is always using a mouse as a transport vehicle (vahana), which teaches all of us that, if you focus about any work or task then nothing is impossible in this whole world.

You can achieve anything which you want, It only depends on your superior will power. So, always stay positive towards your work.

Ganesha is the only God who had a large number of followers list in foreign countries also.

He always teaches us a very important life lesson with all his stories, which help us for our Spiritual Growth

Some devotees also feel that Lord Ganesh is always around with us to help them and to solve their problem, with this we can understand the importance of Ganpati Bappa in our daily life. 

He is the greatest Symbol Of Happiness, as well as many devotees, see him as a Symbol Of Love.

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Why God Ganpati Is Also, Called Morya?

Ganesha has a large number of devotees in every state of India. Especially, in Maharashtra state. 

In Maharashtra, Ganesh Ji is one of the most favourite and prestige’s gods of their peoples.

All the peoples are waiting for Ganesh Chaturthi very excitingly, which is one of the biggest festivals of Maharashtra. 

Every Maharashtrian people are participated, in his Favourite Bappa’s festival very happily. 

Everyone believes that God Ganesh is the real Symbol Of Happiness.

In this whole festival, there is a very positive and happy atmosphere is spread in each and every district of Maharashtra. This festival is also described as a pure Symbol Of Love.

The Maharashtrian peoples use 'Mangalmurti Morya' word to proclaim their lovable God Ganapati's glory.

In this, Morya word refers to a very famous devotee of Lord Ganesha Ji in the fourteenth century. 

Whose named as a Morya Gosavi, from the Chinchvad village, which is near to the Pune. 

This indirectly indicates the inseparable relationship between God and his true devotee. God Gajanana always help us with our Spiritual Growth.

How Ganesha Teaches Us The Importance Of Rules?

Ganpati Bappa is the real Symbol Of Happiness, as well as Symbol Of Love for their all devotees. Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha Ji have many stories together in Hindu Mythology. 

That all stories always help us for our Spiritual Growth

Whereas, the story which we are discussing today goes beyond all relationship between the father and the son. 

This story gives all of us a very very important life lesson.

As we all know that Lord Shiva gives a special power to Lord Ganesh Ji. In which Ganpati Ji will always worship first before starting any new projects.

It is very necessary to worship Ganesh Ji first to get his all blessings. 

That is the reason why we always worship Ganesha Ji first, before beginning any new and important things. 

But, however, on such occasion, Lord Shiva completely forgot that the rule he created is also applied to him also.

So, according to Hindu Mythology one day Lord Shiva was leading the war with the very brutal demons and he proceeds with his entire army along with him to destroy all of the demons.

But, in this whole rushy situation, he completely forgot to worship a Lord Ganesha Ji first before proceeding to the mega war. 

This is why Shiva and his entire army facing a lot of different kind of problems before reaching the actual battleground.

Like, before reaching a battlefield the war carriage wheels of Lord Shiva and his army observed a damaged.

These whole situations seem as some divine intervention to Lord Shiva and eventually, he realised that he had completely forgotten to do worship of a Lord Ganesha Ji before leading for a mega battle.

Then, Lord Shiva stopping all his Army, and he immediately preceded towards the setup of the Ganesh puja. 

He completed all rituals of worshipping Lord Ganesha Ji. After that, he proceeds for the mega battle with the Ganesha’s blessings.

And then, Lord Shiva and his entire army were highly successful in defeating all the brutal demons completely. 

This story will definitely help us with our Spiritual Growth

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Therefore, this whole story teaches us that, if you made any rule, then you have to follow first. 

Which will indirectly show the importance of such rules to the others.


What Are The Powers Of Ganesha?

Ganesha the Symbol Of Happiness is born with Special powers and ability. Lord Ganesh is the younger son of Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva.

He is also well known to the entire world as an Obstacle removal, that is the reason why he also called "Vighnaharta" in Hindu Mythology. 

Which indirectly means that a God who removes all the problems of his all devotees life.

Ganesha Ji involves an all super conventional physical attribute of all Hindu gods. 

Like he has unbelievable strength, unbelievable stamina, endurance, high resistance to injury and enchanted longevity.

That’s the whole ability makes him different from all the Gods. He also got various certain undefined mystical skills from many of Gods and Goddess. 

That’s why Ganesha is the unique symbol of Power and super Strength. He is also the real Symbol Of Happiness.

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Why Ganesha Ji Is One Of The Supreme God?

Mahaganapati represents the Lord Ganesha Ji as a one of the Supreme God and he is a most important deity of the Ganapatya. 

Which is indirectly gives the status of the Supreme God to the Sri Ganesha Ji.

Ganesh Bhagwan is a widely worshipped and also widely followed God in the entire universe. 

God Ganpati Bappa’s every story help their devotees for their Spiritual Growth

Lord Ganesh is also known as the Ganpati which includes a Gan and Pati two different word.

Whereas, Gan means all the directions and the word Pati means a master. 

Therefore, Ganpati word commonly means the Controller of all the directions.

As per Hindu Ganapatya tradition, Lord Ganesha Ji is always projected as the supreme deity. 

All great Hindu yogis know that the Sri Ganesha Ji is the lord of the entire universe and he is the pure Symbol Of Love.

Lord Ganpati Bappa has got all the superpowers and unbelievable strength from the various Gods and Goodness at the time of his re-birth. 

He is also very well known to their devotees as a Symbol Of Happiness.

Shankar Bhagwan who is the father of Sri Ganesh he gives a blessing to Ganesha that, he always worshipped first before any other Gods, whenever anyone beginning a new task. 

According to traditional stories, Ganesha has a fatty belly in which he includes a whole universe.

He is one of the most Powerful and Greatest God in the entire world. That is the reason why he is a pure Symbol Of Happiness for their all devotees.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganesha's Small Eyes What Teaches To Us?

Lord Ganpati Ji has got various unique body parts, which indirectly makes him different from all the Gods. 

He always teaches us to Spread Positivity around you. Therefore, he is also well known to their devotees as a real Symbol Of Love.

He is the great source for the Spiritual Growth of their all devotees. Bappa's unique body part teaches us very important things. 

His every part has its own importance. That’s why we all are seeing them as a Symbol Of Happiness.

Lord Vinayaka Ji got very attractive and very cutest eyes. After seeing them we always feel so blessed. 

Ganesh Ji also called the God of Wisdom. Ganesha Ji bright eyes indicate the importance of consciousness, extraordinary concentration and extreme attentiveness in our life.

Lord Ganpati eyes teach us that, the extreme concentration is a very unique weapon, which will be helping you to solve all your problems in our daily messy life.

If you want to succeed in your life, then you have to more focus and more concentrate on your work. 

If you more focus on your work, then it will also help you to develop your inner Consciousness. 

And with the help of this, you can beat all of your big trouble very easily.

Concentration is also very helpful for every human being to recognise his inner Strength and the Power. 

This is indirectly connecting you with your favourite God Ganpati Bappa, who is the pure Symbol Of Happiness, as well as the Symbol Of Love.

What Is The Best Sloka For Ganesha Ji?

Lord Ganesh is one of the most powerful God in Hindu Mythology. He always showered us with knowledge, prosperity, and fortune. Peoples are always seeing them as a Symbol Of Love.

He is also well known to the entire world as a Destroyer of all the Obstacles. 

According to Hindu Mythology Stories, He is the greatest Symbol Of Happiness.

He is also called the Lord of Success

That is the reason why we always remember him before starting any new task, that assured you the success of your task.

A famous sloka in Hindu Mythology dedicated to God Ganesha, which describes Ganpati Ji very significantly and uniquely. That shloka is,

Vakra Tund Mahakaaya Surya Koti Samaprabha

Nirvignam Kurume Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvataa

The meaning of this wonderful sloka is, I worship to the Lord Ganesha Ji who has a curved trunk and the extremely huge body with the help of a core sun. 

He kindly removes all the obstacles of my all works and moves them towards the fulfilment.


So, I hope all this information will help you all to increase the knowledge about your favourite Lord Ganesh, who is the pure Symbol Of Happiness, as well as the Symbol Of Love. 

It will also help you all to solve all your confusion about Ganpati Bappa.

But, Still, If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to ask in the comment box section below. 

We will be very happy to answer all your questions.


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