Best Stories Of Lord Ganesha, With Valuable Information

Ganpati Bappa is One of the most favourite and adorable Gods in India. Stories Of Lord Ganesha is always a very favourite topic for many Indians,

Many of the people trusted that Lord Ganesh will remove his entire problem which comes in daily life. 

That's why it is highly said that Ganpati Bappa is just one word with many emotions.

Shree Ganesh is also well known for the deva of intellect and wisdom. Lord Ganesha Images also makes a positive impact on their devotee's life.

Ganpati Ji always teaches us to spread Happiness and Positivity around the world.

Whenever his devotees are in Problem he gives strength to them, fight against problems, and inspired them to beat that problem.

Even, if you daily chant the name of Vinayaka it will give you some Positive Energy. 

Some devotees also trusted Gajanana as a Solution to all his Problems.

As per some Stories Of Lord Ganesha, Ganesh is well known to her devotees from various names like Gajanana, Vakratunda, Vinayaka, Vighnaharta, etc.


Ganpati Bappa: God Of Positivity

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Why Should We Pray Ganesha First In All The Trouble?

Shree Ganesh is the only god that is lovable in all three stages of people. 

Ganpati Bappa is also well known for Obstacle removal for his devotees. He is also a God of Positivity or positive energy.

According to some Stories Of Lord Ganesha, once in a while, both brothers as Ganesha and the Kartik who is the elder brother of Sri Ganesh are arguing on who is the best god. 

Exactly at that time, Lord Mahadeva listens to both brothers fighting conversation, and he decided to gives one task to both of them.

Lord Shiva also made it very clearly before the beginning of the task,  the winner of this entire task will be well known as the first among the gods to the whole universe. 

Therefore, before offering prayers to other gods all the people will pray to him.

As per this task, the first person who will finish the round of this entire universe and will also come back again to Lord Mahadeva and Goodness Parvati Mata first, will be the winner of this task.

After hearing all the task, Lord Kartik, seated on his transport vehicle that is a peacock, and move forward to complete the task.

Whereas, at the same time Shri Ganesh who had a mouse as the source of the transport vehicle, thinking about how to complete the task as early as possible. 

Because it was quite difficult to win this task with the help of a little mouse.

Therefore, after some thinking Ganpati Bappa decided to do a complete round around his parents Goodness Parvati and God Mahadeva.

And after a round completion around parents, he said that my whole universe is my parents. That is the reason why I took a complete round around them.

After hearing Lord Ganesh answer, both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Mata were so pleased. 

Thus, at the next moment Mahadeva declared Ganesh as the winner of this task.

Lord Shiva also announce that, on today's onwards Shree Ganesh will always be the first God who is worshipped first before any of the other Gods & each auspicious activity will begin only after the praying to Vighnaharta.

Why Ganesh’s Festival Is Also Called The Unity Festival?

Ganesh Bhagwan always teaches us very important things through their some Best Stories Of Lord Ganesha, which definitely help us to succeed in your messy life. 

That's why Ganesha Ji has a long list of his followers. Even every Lord Ganesha Images also teaches us something new.

But, we need to understand their message. He is like more than a Superstar for all his devotees. 

And as per Hindu mythology, he proves why he is so popular and an important god for all of us.

As we all know that Vighnaharta Gajanan is the only God, Which is highly populated in all states of India as well as the entire World.

Therefore, if you only see any Idol of Lord Gajanana will definitely give very Positive energy and it will also give you lots of Happiness.

The craze of Ganpati Bappa has not only in Hindu's but it also highly trusted God in Muslim's also. 

Many of the Muslim peoples are also so excited about celebrating each and every festival of Vinayaka.

That is the reason why Jai Ganesh is not only a Hindu's God, and He is also called the God of Unity worldwide.

Therefore, in the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, in India most of the areas we are seeing the power of Unity. 

Whereas most of the Muslims are also welcome God Ganesh to their homes also, and he does the Ganesh Ji puja each and every day very happily.

That is the main reason why the Vighnaharta Ganesh festival is also called the Festival of Unity. Especially in India.


Ganpati Bappa: God Of Happiness

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You Know Story Behind Lord Ganesha Birth?

After Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Mata's marriage, they give birth to a new baby boy.  Lord Kartik is the first child of Mahadeva and Parvati Mata. 

As per some Stories Of Lord Ganesha, once in a while, peoples who were facing various different problems in every part of the universe praying to Mahadeva.

So, Lord Shiva decided to send Lord Kartik to resolve all these people's issues. 

At this particular time, Goddess Parvati Mata and Lord Kartik were very much close. Parvati Mata was very attached to his first child.

Therefore, before going on his task, Lord Kartik gets a promise from his father that, Lord Shiva will take care of his mother and also make sure that Parvati Mata will never ever miss her son.

Mahadeva giving the promise to his child Kartik and then Lord Kartik moves forward to accomplish his task. 

After some days, Goddess Parvati missing his son too much and she decided to give birth to another son. 

According to this, Parvati Mata starts meditation for some days.

She created a new baby boy with the help of her sweat, which comes at the time of meditation. 

After completion of whole structures with the help of sweat and clay, Parvati Mata makes that structure alive. She named that structure as Ganpati Bappa.

Once, Goddess Parvati Mata goes to take a bath and before bath, she ordered Vinayaka that, he should stop everyone from entering into the home. 

After some period of time, Mahadeva arrived at that location and he trying to enter the home.

As per Parvati Mata's order, Jai Ganesha stopping Mahadeva from entering into the home. 

This feels Lord Shiva very insulting and angry. So, in that anger, he was cutting Ganesh’s head.

After hearing Ganesh’s loud noise of screaming, Parvati Mata came outside. Goodness Parvati was very scared and angry by seeing Shree Ganesh without a head body. 

She gives ultimatum to Mahadeva that, if he not alive Shree Ganesha again then, she will destroy the entire universe.

Therefore, Lord Shiva orders to all the gods, that everyone goes into the forest and bring any animals head.

After some time period, all the gods came with elephants' heads. 

So, by placing the elephant's head on Ganesh’s body, Mahadeva gives new life to Gajanana.

Therefore, Vighnaharta Ganesha is also called as Gajanana in most of the Stories Of Lord Ganesha

This word meaning in the Sanskrit language is an elephant.

Why Do You Believe So Much On Ganesha?

Ganpati Bappa is perhaps the top deity in Hindu belief. Vighnaharta Ganesh is always associated with prosperity, good fortune, and wisdom.

Many people worship Ganesha because they really believe that his benevolence will definitely help to improve their physical position in the world.

As per Stories Of Lord Ganesha, Ganesha Ji is the deity associated with removing the obstacles in your life. 

The reason why their devotees always trusted them a lot.

How Powerful Is Lord Ganesha?

Lord Ganesha took an incarnation from time to time in every era to destroy the iniquity. They are worshipped according to all of these incarnations.

Ganpati Bappa is one of the most important sources of Strength & Power for his entire devotee. 

According to some Interesting Stories Of Lord Ganesha, Ganesh Ji killed the sons of the demon Matsarasura in the Vakratunda form.

This demon was a devotee of Lord Shiva and he got blessings by doing penance of Shiva Bhagwan. 

That is the reason why he would not fear anyone. After this, Matsarasura started harassing the gods with the permission of Dev Guru Shukracharya.

Matsarasura also had two sons, who are beautiful and subjective, and both of whom were also very tyrannical. 

All the gods reached the shelter of Lord Shiva for help. Shiva assured him to invoke Lord Ganesha; Ganapati Ji would bring in the Vakratunda avatar.

After that, gods worshipped Ganesha and Ganapati killed both sons of Matsarasura in the form of Vakratunda and defeated Matsarasura as well. 

Then, the same Matsarasura later became a devotee of God Ganapati. Therefore, this Stories Of Lord Ganesha shows the real Power Of Gajanana.


Ganpati Bappa: God Of Unity

What Do The Different Parts Of Ganesha Represent?

Ganesha is the most Followed God in India. His every Body part is very unique. 

That is the reason why most of his devotees are very interested to know the importance of each and everybody parts of his favourite lord. Therefore we all are seeing Lord Ganesha Images very interestingly.

So, here we will discuss his unique body part. 

Firstly, on the Sri Ganesh’s forehead, the Trishula which is the main weapon of Lord Shiva is depicted, which symbolizes an all-time means past, present and future tense and Ganesha has a whole control over it.

Then, the most important body part of Shree Ganesh’s is his stomach which includes the entire universes. 

After this Ganpati Bappa's The elephant head is a symbol of superior intellect.

In some idols, we all have seen Ganesh wearing a snake around his waist which indicates his massive cosmic energy.

Some Stories Of Lord Ganesha states that, his broken tusk symbolizes us that the wise human being is always beyond the duality. 

Gajanana large ears represent the ability to separate the real from the unreal that means the wise human being can hear all the things.

And his human body represents his supreme wisdom and unbelievable power.


So, I Hope this information will help you all to increase the knowledge regarding Stories Of Lord Ganesha and it will also help you all to solve all your confusion about Ganpati Bappa.

But, Still, If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to ask in the comment box section below. This is, really honoured for us to give answers to all your queries.


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