Best & Interesting Stories Of Lord Ganesh

Ganesha this is not just a name it is a source of Positivity and happiness to all his devotee. 

Before all the gods, Ganpati is always worshipped first, that is the reason why devotees also have known him as obstacle removal.

According to some Stories Of Lord Ganesh, all devotees highly believe that Ganesha is the Symbol of Forgiveness & Good Luck. 

Before every new task, Lord Ganpati always worshipped first.

Kids always very love to hear Interesting Stories Of Lord Ganesh

That is the reason why School kids also send passionately prayers on his way before every annual examination.

Whereas he is a heavyweight among the gods, Ganpati had the ability of a wide range of knowledge, positivity and strength which is he used to resolve his devotee's problem. 

Therefore most of the people also prayed to Lord Vinayaka each and every day.


Ganesha: Lord Of Forgiveness

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Why Ganpati Bappa Called The God Of Forgiveness?

As per some Traditional Stories Of Lord Ganesh, Ganesh Chaturthi is also called Kalank Chaturthi. 

On this particular day, Moon looks beautiful, but if anyone seeing Moon on this night they will be cursed, It is highly believed from Hindu Mythology. 

So, According to the traditional stories once a big feast was arranged by Kubera who is the richest of all gods.

In that feast, every Gods and goddess are invited by Kubera. Therefore, it was attended by Ganesha also. 

Due to overeating, his stomach was swollen which feels very embarrassing to him. 

He took care that no one should recognise him in that heavy stomach look. After Party Lord Gajanana was returning to home rather late at night. 

Ganpati Bappa had eating so many modakas which is his one of the most favourite food. 

This modakas are fully filled with jaggery and the sweet coconut.

Lord Sumukha sitting on his transportation vehicle which is a mouse. In that particular night, Moon came out with his full splendour.

Suddenly, one snake comes in the way of Ganpati Bappa and his mouse who is moving towards his house. 

Therefore, by scaring Bappa's transport vehicle mouse starts running quickly. Unfortunately, Ganpati falling down from mouse in that whole sudden incident.

Therefore, when Ganesh fall on the ground, that time his stomach which is mighty full from modakas broke open, and all the modakas he had eaten which are rolled on to the ground. 

Then, somehow Ganpati managed to stuff all the modakas back in the stomach, after that, he tied that grabbed snake around to his stomach for keeping all the modakas inside. 

That time, the moon, who is seeing all this incident started laughing at him.

That makes Gajmukha so angry, he lost his temper and cursed the moon that whoever looking the moon on this day would feel stigmatized. 

This is the night of Chaturthi. Ganesh Ji is got very angry with the moon behaviour.

He told the moon, you are very proud of your beauty. I curse you that anyone who sees you will be offended. 

After listening to Lord Sumukha curse, Moon recognised his mistake.

Later all the gods suggest to the moon that they should be worship Ganesha by making his favourite modak and sweet dishes which will make them happy. 

Later Moon also did the same to make Bappa happy. After some period of time, Lord Vighnaharta was happy but he also said that the curse will not end completely. 

On Ganesh Chaturthi, anyone who is seeing the moon will definitely curse it. Since then, it is forbidden to see the moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. It is described in most of the Stories Of Lord Ganesh.

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Does Ganpati Bring An Good Luck?

Stories Of Lord Ganesh help us to know an important thing regarding Lord Ganesha

Gajanana is well known for all his devotees with the name of God of prosperity and wealth.  

All the devotees are also highly believed that the Lord Ganpati is a God of good luck and that is the reason why he is worshipped before anything new is started.

If we succeed in pleased the Lord Bappa then, Lord Gajanana definitely brings all the success, prosperity and good luck into one's life.

What Objects Does Ganpati Hold In The Hand?

According to traditional Stories Of Lord Ganesh, some symbols of Ganpati that always teaches us a very important life lessons. 

Lord Sumukha always help us to steady our mind and to connect our inner immunity. 

Therefore, it indirectly helps us to increase our strength and positivity level.

As per some Traditional Stories Of Lord Ganesh, he has a Head of the elephant and a big belly. 

Most of the time we basically see the Ganesh idol with the four arms, which is a very common thing.

Ganesh is generally holding a lotus flower, a conch shell, a weapon or an axe and his fourth hand always seem to be empty or else he has seen as a holding a bowl of his favourite sweetmeats like Modakas.

So, below we will discuss briefly the importance of each and every object of Lord Vighneshwaraya.


Ganesha: Lord Of Good Luck

1. Conch Shell:

The conch shell has always a special significance amongst all Indians by itself. 

Ancient Indians are always used to blow the conch shell at the beginning of any war, religious rites or some eventful occasion.

It is believed that it is very fortunate or good to blow shell before all the religious rites. 

Therefore, conch shells are also symbolized as a victory and fulfilment.

Therefore, when we saw the idol of Ganesha in Lord Ganesh Images by holding a conch shell in hand, that indicating all of us, is God Ganpati always blesses his devotees with the victory and fulfilment in all the wars of his life.

2. Lotus Flower:

Lotus the flower always signifies the enlightenment. 

Which is seen in Ganesh’s hands it represents that the God Ganpati blesses all of us with the attaining enlightenment and eternal spiritual happiness in our life.

However, According to some religious guru, the lotus flower is always growing in the dirty pond water but in actual never anyone touching it. 

Similarly, the significance of lotus flower represents the happiness one encounters after getting rid of all the attachments of material life.

Like a lotus exists in water without touching it, in the same way, we also should live your life without letting the world or the outer environment changing us.

Then only it is possible to remain in constantly always touches with our inner consciousness and eventually, achieve spiritual happiness. 

That is exactly Ganesha teaches us and sending a simple or clear message towards all his devotee by holding a Lotus flower in her hand.

3. The Weapon Of The Axe:

The third hand of Lord Ganpati is always seen to be holding a weapon- an axe or a lasso. 

This weapon signifies all of us that how we should not fear any of the obstacles and also be brave to cut away all the difficulties that arise in our daily lives.

Lord Gajanana teaches us that just like an elephant which walks through the shrubs and the trees by clearing his own way. 

In the same manner, the Lord bless all of us with the strength of a weapon like an axe to remove all the obstacle that always comes in your life and your journey towards spiritual happiness.

Some devotees also believe that when we see Lord Ganesh Images by holding an axe in hand, that means Lord assured us, that the Lord is always with us to protect and to remove all your problems with that weapon.

As per Valuable Stories Of Lord Ganesh, this posture of Gajanana's idol also teaches all of us, that how you should stay away from the negativities within us, like anger, jealousy, greed etc.

If Bappa was seen by holding a lasso instead of an axe in some Beautiful Lord Ganesh Images, this also signifies the actions and the effort we give to connect with our virtues before our vices engulf them. 

This mutual connection can only be established by only destroying all our vices.

4. Abhaya Mudra:

In Some Lord Ganesh Images, the fourth hand of Ganesha usually seems to be empty. 

It is also seen in an uplifted raised blessing posture which is specifically called the “Abhaya Mudra” in some Traditional Stories Of Lord Ganesh.

The Abhaya mudra is a representation of the Bappa’s care, protection and blessings overall his mortal devotees and worshippers. 

This, in turn, also means that the Lord welcomes all to approach him by conveying to them that he is not there to punish all of us, judge or harm them in any way.

Instead, he is there to worldwide to correct their mistakes and to guide him in the right path throughout life. 

This is the Lord’s way of showing divine towards providence to them.

Whereas, Instead of the Abhaya mudra if Ganpati Bappa is seen to be holding a bowl of sweetmeats like his favourite modakas then this represents eternal happiness. 

5. A Handful Of Sweet Meats:

It is stated in some Stories Of Lord Ganesh, this Posture Lord Ganesh Images will teach us to our virtues and we shall achieve the ultimate sweetness which lies in the happiness to be in any kind of situation of life. 

By leading towards a life of fulfilment and eternal spiritual happiness.

However, those who do not approach toward Ganesha as a devotee or as a worshipper are not forgotten by the Lord either. 

Not only Lord Ganesh but also any other Gods also does not forsake a human being for not being his devotee.

Almost all the idols of the Gods are always seen to be looking upwards or in an eye-level. 

This Symbolise that they are always looking at all life forms all the time and not for just those human who is praying to them or worship to them.


So, I hope this information will help you all to increase the knowledge regarding Stories Of Lord Ganesh with the help of some Beautiful Lord Ganesh Images.

It will also help you all to solve all your confusion about Ganpati Bappa.

But, Still, If you have any questions regarding this article, please feel free to ask in the comment box section below. 

This is, really honoured for us to give answers to all your queries.

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