3 Great Ganesha Stories For Kids, Students And Everyone

Ganesha Stories always help every people for their Spiritual Growth

Ganpati Bappa is One of the most favourite and adorable god not only in India but also in the entire world. 

In Today’s our, life Ganpati plays a very important role. 

Therefore Stories About Lord Ganesha will help you all to understand the power of God Gajanana.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Most of the people trusted that Lord Ganesha will remove all his problem which comes in a daily messy life. 

Lord Ganesha is also well known for the deva of intellect and wisdom.

Ganpati is very well known to her devotee from various names like Ganesha, Vakrtunda, Vinayak, Vighnaharta etc. 

Ganesha Ji is also popular in his all devotees by the name of Obstacle Removal.

Lord Ganesha Ji, is The real source of Positivity and Happiness. 

It is very difficult to found especially in India, who is not loving or not trusting the Ganpati Bappa. 

Even the small kids also love the Ganesha Stories very more and that Stories helping them for their Spiritual Growth.

Ganpati Ji is the younger son of Lord Shiva and the Parvati Mata, who is made by Mata Parvati from his sweat. 

Ganesh is a very naughty kid at his childhood which is very well known to the whole universe, because of some Stories About Lord Ganesha.

Lord Ganesha has referred by 108 different names in the various Hindu mythologies. Ekdanta is one of them.

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Why Ganpati Bappa is also Called Ekdanta?

"Ekdanta" is one of the Unique Words and that word represents the One Tusk in the Sanskrit language. 

Therefore, most of the Ganesha's devotees also called him "Ekdanta".

Since Lord Ganesha Ji has both the Teeth but one of his teeth was broken into a half and it has Many Stories associated in Hindu mythology. 

If you want to Spiritual awakening in your friends then, Ganesha Stories is the best way for Spiritual Growth.

Lord Ekdanta

According to Stories About Lord Ganesha, it is believed that the Lord Ganes broke his Half Tusk himself and then, used it as a Pen to write the whole Mahabharata.

Others devotees also believe that the Lord Parashurama an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, who broke the Lord Ganesha Ji Tusk in a Fight. 

When Parashurama came to Meet a Lord Shiva and that time Lord Ganesha Ji obstructed his entry.

In the Ganesh Purana, there is also one more interesting Ganesha Stories take place. 

According to that story, the Lord Ganesha Broke a Half of his Tusk by himself in the anger, and he threw it towards the Moon. 

He also give him cursed, the Moon will lose his entire Brightness.

So, here we will discuss each and every Ganesha stories related to his one tusk very detailed, and that will also help you all for your Spiritual Growth.

According to Hindu Mythology, Parashurama is the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu Ji. 

He was born in a Brahmin community, Lord Parashurama is also very well known to the world as Brahman Warrior.

Aggression, Valour, Serenity, Intelligence and Patience this are some key traits of Parashurama and that makes him a very courageous warrior.

As per Stories About Lord Ganesha, Once upon a time, Lord Parashurama Ji came to meet Lord Shiva on the Kailash mount. 

But that time Bhagwan Shiv Ji was sleeping. Because of this, Lord Ganesha stopped him from going inside. It makes Lord Parashurama very angry.

After a Some argument, that conversation converts into the Fight. Lord Ganesha Ji first attacks on Parashurama, then Parshurama fall on the ground.

This sudden attack makes him unconscious for a few seconds. 

But, when he recovered their self, then he throws his own weapon (axe) towards the Lord Ganesha in anger. 

That time Lord Ganesha recognized it that weapon is his father's.

Actually, this weapon is given from Mahadeva to Parashurama, Parashuraam received this weapon as a blessing from Mahadeva. 

That prestigious weapon brake Ganesh Ji one tusk.

That is the reason why in most of the Stories About Lord Ganesha, Shree Ganesh additionally also known as an Ekdant or Ekdanta. 

Which suggests that the lord who has only one tusk.

There is one more Ganesha Stories about Vinayaka's tusks, which was happened at the time of Mahabharata writing. 

That story helps us for our Spiritual Growth.

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The Mahabharata is one of the Grates epics of all time in Hindu Mythology. 

It is one of the longest stories is written in the whole world and which told the very grand tale of one of the most brutal wars.

This happened between the two brothers Kauravas and Pandavas. The Mahabharata is written by one of the greatest gurus of all time Ved Vyasa.

According to some mythology stories Ved Vyasa was the grandfather of the 5 Pandavas and the 100 Kauravas. 

As per some Stories About Lord Ganesha, Ved Vyasa had a long life and he was lived more than his children and grandchildren.

One day when Ved Vyasa was deeply praying and meditating in the Himalayas Mountain. 

He had a vision of Lord Brahma Ji, who is the creator of the world.

That time Lord Brahma Ji advised Ved Vyasa to write a Mahabharata because he is seen all it was happen in front of his eyes and he was the best person to write down the whole this epic.

However, knowing all the complexities of the story, Ved Vyasa knew that this would be a very critical task. 

Therefore, Lord Brahma advised him to take the help of Ganesha Ji for the same task.

Then, Ved Vyasa started meditating thinking about a Lord Ganesha Ji, while sometimes he appeared right in front of him. 

Ganesha feels very happy to help him. But he placed one condition in front of him. 

That condition was, the Ved Vyasa would not be stopped while narrating the whole story. 

Otherwise, Ganesha Ji would walk away with the whole literature.

Ganesha Ji was very well known to be a very quick writer who can be writing with both hands. 

While they both were collectively putting the whole story together one complication comes.

That is the pen which was used to write the story by Ganesh Ji is broke because of his high speed. 

However, Ganesha did not want to stop writing, at the next moment he simply broke one of his tusks and then, started to continue writing with it.

Hence, in most of the photos, Ganesha is always seen with only one tusk.

There is also one more Ganesha stories in Hindu Tradition, in that story Moon is involved.

Basically, every Stories About Lord Ganesha helps us, for our Spiritual Growth

One night, Lord Ganpati was on his way back towards home on his vehicle mouse, after attending a very delicious feast of Kubera. 

All of a sudden one snake came across the mouse.

Then, by fearing mouse moved faster and in this whole process, Ganesha Ji was falling down on the ground. 

In this sudden fall, Ganesh's belly which is completely full of delicious food in the feast was opened up and all the sweets he had to eat come out.

Lord Ganesha Ji rapidly put them back in and Grab that snake to tied his belly. 

Moon who was a witness of all this incident, he could not stop laughing on Ganpati Ji.

Which make Ganesha very angry and by losing his temper Ganesha through one of his tusks towards the moon. 

He also gives cursed to the moon that he would not shine again.

Then, after all the gods request Ganesha to forgive a Chandra for his behaviour. After this Lord Ganesha Ji softened his curse. 

Therefore, most of the Stories About Lord Ganesha said that one must not be seen up at the moon on the night of Ganesha Ji Chaturthi.

Spiritual Growth is today's need because most of the modern era peoples are completely unknown about this thing. 

Ganesha Stories is a great option for Spiritual Awakening.

How Can We Impress God Ganesha?

This is a very common question to many Ganesha devotees. Ganesha Ji is the God of Happiness. 

God Ganesh always teaches us various good and valuable things through Stories About Lord Ganesha

He always believes in Positivity and being Honesty.

Bappa Morya

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Lord Ganesh never ever expecting things from his devotees. He always around with the Pure Hearted and Helping natures humans. 

He is everywhere in this whole universe, only you have to need to find him in that manner.

That means if you help anybody without any reason, the Ganesha will definitely help you by coming into various forms. 

So, this is the main task you have to do to Impress Lord Ganesh Ji. Ganesha Stories is also one of the perfect medicine for Spiritual Growth.

Why Ganesha Is Also Called God Of Unity?

As we all know that Ganesh Ji is the only God, Which is highly popular in all states of India as well as the entire World. 

That is the reason why Stories About Lord Ganesha is one of the main curiosity topics throughout the world.

Therefore, if you only see the any Idol of Lord Gajanana will definitely give a Positivity and Happiness. 

The craze of Lord Gajanan has not only in Hindu's, but it also highly trusted God in Muslim's also.

Many of the Muslim peoples are also so excited about celebrating each and every festival of Vinayaka. 

That is the reason why Lord Ganesh is not only Hindu's God, and He is also called the God of Unity in worldwide.

Therefore, In the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, in India most of the areas we are seeing the power of Unity. 

Whereas most of the Muslims are also welcomes Ganesha Ji to his homes also, and he does the Ganesh Ji puja each and every day very happily.

Ganesha Stories help people to get perfect knowledge regarding their favourite Lord Vinayaka. 

It indirectly also helps everyone to reach a certain level of Spiritual Growth.


So, I hope this will help you all to find the best Ganesha Stories and Information for your Spiritual Growth

It also helps you to get the Great Success Factor of your life with the help of Stories About Lord Ganesha and also will help you all to increase the knowledge of your favourite Lord Ganesha. 

This article is also helpful for you to solve all your confusion about Ganpati Bappa.

But, still, if you have any Questions and Suggestion regarding this article, please feel free to ask in the comment box section below. 

This is, really honoured for us to give answers to all your queries.

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