Ganesh Chaturthi Stories, Valuable Information & Power Of Unity

Ganesh Chaturthi Story shows all of us the real Power Of Unity

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most amazing and unique festivals in India, that celebrates the birthday of nation's God Ganpati Bappa. 

Ganesh Chaturthi Information In English helps you all to get the best knowledge of God Ganesha.

Ganesha Ji is the younger son of Lord Shiva and the Goodness Parvati Mata.

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganesh Ji is made by Mata Parvati Ji from his sweat and the clay. Ganesh Ji is the Hindu's god of wisdom and success. 

As per Ganesh Chaturthi Story, this Chaturthi is also well known as a Vinayaka Chaturthi.

It is not only the festival of Hindu but also all regions peoples are also celebrated this festival with very actively and more happily. 

This festival is celebrated up to 10 days in the Whole Indian States.

But especially Maharashtra states peoples are celebrated that festival more excitingly. 

This festival also called the festival of Unity. Because this is the only festival where all the Hindus and Muslims peoples are very actively participated.

Some Muslim peoples have also celebrated that festival by bringing Ganesha Ji to their homes. 

In Ganesh Chaturthi festivals all 10 days, there is extremely positive energy and happiness is spread all over India. 

This festival really shows all of us the world Power Of Unity.

Indian kids are also more excitingly waiting for this festival. 

Lord Ganpati Ji is the best friend for most of the Indian kids. Ganpati Bappa is the real source of Positivity and extreme Happiness. 

Therefore, Ganesh Chaturthi Information In English is the great platform to spread Happiness around you.

Do You Know Interesting Story Behind Ganesh Chaturthi?

Every Story of Lord Gajanana has it's own Importance. 

So, this article of Ganesh Chaturthi Information In English will help you all to understand our favourite Lord. 

As we all know that the Lord Ganpati Bappa is the brother of Lord Kartik and the younger son of God Shiva and Goodness Parvati Mata. 

Goodness Parvati Mata makes Ganesha with the help of her sweat and the clay.

Once in awhile, Paravati Mata goes to the bath, and that time she told Ganesha that stops anyone from entering inside. 

After some period of time Lord Shiva who is totally unknown about Ganesha entered.

That time as per his duty Ganesha Ji stop Lord Shiva. Then, in anger, God Shiva cut his head. 

After some moment, Parvati Ji arrived back from the bath. 

Then, she told to Lord Shiva how Ganesh is his son and request him to give a re-birth to the Ganpati Ji.

Bappa Morya

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Lord Shiva then, orders to all the Gods that, go into the forest and come back with one of the animals head, which is seen by all of them first. 

After this God Shiva placed the elephant’s head (which bring by all the Gods) on the Sri Ganesha’s body, to make him alive again.

That time, God Shiva also gives blessings to the Lord Gana, that Ganpati Ji will always worship first, before any new beginning. 

That is the reason why, as per Hindu rituals, we also do Lord Ganesh Ji worshipped first, before starting an any new and important thing.

Therefore, the day of Ganesha re-birth is celebrated as a Ganesh Chaturthi. This Chaturthi is always setting a very good example of Power Of Unity

Do You Know Best Place For Ganesha In Your Home?

You should always place your favourite Ganesha Ji Idol in the east or the west directions of your house. 

Northeast is also one of the best corners of the house to place your Ganpati Bappa's idol.

If in your house, northeast is not available to place the Lord Bappa. 

Then, you can also place an idol of Sri Ganesh in that way, where you should face north or east direction, while you are offering to the prayers.

Vastu experts also say that, there are also some places in your home, that you should be avoided totally at the time of placing the Ganesha's idol. 

Which includes the places of your bedroom, laundry room, underneath the staircases and also near to the bathrooms.

One more thing which you have to remember that, the garage is always considered as a very vacant spot and that is the reason why it is the very inauspicious place for the placing a Bappa's idol. 

Therefore, you should also avoid placing Ganpati Ji idol in the Garage.

If You want to see the Power Of Unity, then Ganesha Idols are the best choice. 

Because every festival of Ganesha shows all of us, the Importance of Unity

Therefore, Ganesh Chaturthi Information In English will always help you all to understand the Importance Of Unity.

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Which Idol Is Good For Home?

Lord Ganesha Ji is the very kind God and his every Idol shows us the Power Of Unity. He always is on the front seat to help their devotees. 

That is the reason why he also widely famous as an Obstacle Removal in many Ganesh Chaturthi Story.

His every story teaches us all, very different and very important things to do in our daily life. 

In any kind of trouble, his all devotees are believed on them so much, like he all knows that Bappa will definitely help them to overcome this problem.

Ganesha has got a very prestigious and important position in his all devotees heart. That's why he is the most beloved God in all three forms of Humans. 

Like a small kid, a grown-up man and any older person are equally loved on the Ganesha Ji.

Ganpati Bappa is the God of Positivity and Happiness. Therefore, every idol gives you all the similar kind of Positive Energy and Happiness. 

But, according to Hindu mythology, the idol of Ganesha Ji in the sitting posture is most considerable for every house of his devotees.

The sitting position Ganesh idol is also called as Lalit asana, and this kind of idol is always most preferred by the all Vastu experts also. 

This posture of Ganesh idol is the sign of calmness and Positive energy, and this is the most perfect idol for every house.


Do You Know, Who Started To Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi Publically Or Why Is Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrated?

According to some Ganesh Chaturthi Story, this festival was started to celebrate publically by the Lokmanya Tilak, in 1893. 

Lokmanya Tilak was the very well-known Indian Freedom Fighter, he is known as Bal Gangadhar Tilak in India.

Before this, Ganesh festival was celebrated as a domestic festival in the whole of India. 

But, in 1893 Lokmanya Tilak praised the Sri Ganesha Ji in Kesari. Kesari is his own and very popular newspaper of that time.

With the help of Kesari newspaper, Lokmanya Tilak gives all his best efforts towards the launch of a Ganesh Chaturthi is a very well organised publicly celebrated event.

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He describes all the importance of publically celebration of Lord Ganesha Festival, with the help of his Kesari newspaper. 

Lokmanya Tilak gives a Ganesh Chaturthi to all Indian peoples, as the biggest festival. 

In this era, Lokmanya Tilak shows the Power Of Unity to the entire world, with the help of Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Similarly, Ganesh Chaturthi Information In English also always promotes the Importance of Unity.

How Ganesha Ji Teaches Us, Forgiveness Is Important Weapon?

God Ganpati Ji is one of the foods lovers, God and he also teaches the world Power Of Unity. He always loves to eat delicious and sweet dishes. 

Therefore, we always see his idol by holding some sweet foods in his hand. Most of the time that sweet food is a Modakas.

That is the reason why on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi or Sankashti Chaturthi most of the Indian devotees make a Modakas, for making her Lord happy.

Once in a night, Ganesha Ji was returning from the mighty feast, which is given by the Kubera. 

Lord Sri Ganesh was eaten so much in this feast. With some sudden accident, Ganpati Ji falls down from his transport vehicle which is a mouse. 

The moon who is seeing the Ganesha Ji falling down, he starts laughing loudly on Lord Ganesh.

Which makes Ganpati Ji very angry and he gives a cursed to the moon at that time. 

As per this cursed, moon will lose their all shine forever. After some time moon realised his mistake, and he apologised to Lord Gana.

Then, lord Ganesha forgive him, and he makes his cursed less effective. 

That whole story teaches us the Forgiveness is also one of the most important tools. 

Forgiveness does not make you smaller, vice versa it shows how bigger your heart is.

It is the main weapon to increased your inner strength and makes you different from the others. 

Indirectly Forgiveness shows the real Power Of Unity to everyone.

Why Ganesha Is Always Submerged In The Water After The Ganesh Festival?

According to Hindu Mythology all the ritual regarding Ganesh Chaturthi is always done, to indicating the birth cycle of our most Favourite Lord Ganesha Ji.

Just like Ganesha was created by Goodness Parvati Mata from the clay or Earth, similarly, his symbolic statue is as well. 

After 10 days of Ganesh festival, his idol is always immersed in the water.

So that, Ganesha Ji may return to his lovable home after his 10 days stay at the all devotees home or in publically developed Ganesh temple.

Ganesha comes every year to his devotees home to bless them and to solve all his problems. 

In that time period, all the devotees did the Ganesh puja with very pure heartedly, to make Ganpati Bappa happy. 

All these ten days always sets a very unique example of Power Of Unity.

So, to grand welcomes Ganesh Ji in the next year, we always submerged his idol in the water happily and also with a very heavy heart.


So, I hope this will help you all to find the best Ganesha Stories which describes your Power Of Unity with the help of Ganesh Chaturthi Information In English. 

This Ganesh Chaturthi Information In English can also help you to develop your Spiritual Growth or to get the Great Success Factor of your life with the help of Lord Ganesha. 

This is also will help you all to increase the knowledge of your favourite Lord Ganesha. 

This whole article is also very helpful for you to solve all your confusion about Ganpati Bappa.

But, still, if you have any Questions and Suggestion regarding this article, please feel free to ask in the comment box section below. 

This is, really honoured for us to give answers to all your queries.

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